Serendipidy is a 24 inch x 36 inch acrylic palette knife and brush painting. The inspiration for this painting (and also my other recent painting Serenity”) came from a recent weekend up in Whistler with my youngest daughter. I noticed all of the lovely birch trees in gardens around the hotels and stores. One of the days while we were there, it was overcast with a grey sky back shadowing the trees. I was quite taken with the relaxing effect it gave in combination with the soft white of the birch. It felt very serene……and caught my eye while sipping my Earl Grey tea from a local coffee shop.

***This painting is available for sale or rental through Semiahmoo Arts at The Turnbull Gallery (

Nature’s Cathedral

February 18, 2016 · Filed Under Travel Art · Comment 


“Nature’s Cathedral” is a 40 inch by 60 inch acrylic palette knife painting. While backpacking in Barcelona Spain, I was admiring Gaudi’s Cathedral, “The Sagrada Familia” ( and thought wouldn’t it be interesting to paint a British Columbian winter scene with the trees in the general shape of this cathedral. For me, nature has always been my cathedral, a place where I rejuvenate myself and connect with my spiritual side.

All the trees are Douglas Firs and the yellow trees are Cypress trees as they are common in Spain. The dots under the central red Douglas Fir symbolize people entering into Nature’s Cathedral to connect with their spirituality. When they leave, they are refreshed and feel a emotional connection with the energy of nature along with a greater understanding of the meaning of life:)


***This painting has been sold through Semiahmoo Arts at The Turnbull Gallery (